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Borrow More

Borrowing more with us

If you already have a mortgage with us, you can apply to borrow up to 75% of the value of your property with one of our great further lending deals. With the extra cash you could make improvements to your property or raise funds to buy another Buy to Let. If you do borrow more you should be aware that any additional borrowing will have a different rate from your original loan, and will be subject to additional income and credit checks.


Call us on 0345 300 8000* to find out more.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of our great further lending deals and borrowing more, call us on 0345 300 8000* so we can take you through your options and our terms and conditions for extra borrowing. You can apply to borrow more if:

  • Your existing mortgage and the new amount you’d like to borrow adds up to no more than a maximum of 75% of the value of your property
  • You’d like to borrow more than £5,000
  • Your increased loan meets our rental income criteria, please ask us for details

Minimal paperwork

The good news is you do not need to complete an application form to borrow more with us. We’ll take you through an Approval In Principle on the phone, and assuming we can lend more to you we’ll then send you an Illustration followed by an offer for you to read, sign and return.

It’s quick and easy

We know that time is of the essence, so we’ll send an Illustration and our recommendation to you within two working days and aim to send you the offer within 15 working days. We’ll need to arrange for a valuation of your property before we can issue the offer. We’ll do our best to arrange this for you promptly so your offer can proceed as quickly as possible.

Please note that any revaluation will assess that the rental income your property generates is sufficient to cover any increase in your total mortgage borrowing. Talk to us on 0345 300 8000* for more details on this.


When borrowing more, you could also change another aspect of your mortgage. To discuss changing your mortgage rate, changing your interest only mortgage to capital repayment or your repayment term, please talk to our Mortgages Direct team on 0345 300 8000*.

Visit our change your rate section for more information about all of our great fixed rate deals.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on borrowing more.

If you’re interested in borrowing more, check out our great further lending deals available to you.

If you’d like to borrow more, please call us on 0345 300 8000* and ask about our great further lending deals.